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Why People Change? – 10 Ways to Cope with Change in a Friendship

Are you troubling with this problem why people change? Why one day they are sweet, the next day they are not. Earlier you were important for them but now you are not. Earlier they liked you, care about you but the next day they don’t care about you. Don’t worry after reading this post you will get a complete answer of your problem.

Why people change

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Welcome to our website. If you are looking for the answer to the same type of question Why people change and how to cope with the change in friendship then this post will be helpful for you.

Why do people change?

Why people change
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This is the biggest question in the mind of all people who are suffering this problem “Why people change”?. Because they always try to ask from changed people but they don’t get a proper answer of their question. 
They always listen to only one answer of their question I don’t want to talk all about this.
Here you will know what is the cause behind the people change.

When People Change?

There are various reasons to change that are explained below.

Why people change
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1. Bored – This could be the reason when people change. You may be bored with your friend, girlfriend, boyfriend and bored with your job and whatever you are doing in your life and then you want to all change in life.

2. They are Frustrated – When they are frustrated with all the things that are happening in their life. Then they want to change in their life. A person cann’t change the entire world according to him but he can change himself.

3. They have learned a lot – When people learned a lot and get more experience in their life then they are automatically changed.

4. They have suffered enough – When a person suffered a lot in their life.

5. They got tired of always the same thing – It can be a reason to change in people when got tired of always doing the same thing over and over.

6. Interest has changed – When the interest of a person changed they get automatically changed.

7. Change in Circumstances – Circumstances play an important role to change in people. Life teaches us many lessons and you learn a lot then you decided to not repeat the same past mistake that you have done.

8. Another close friend – For a another close friend, that person can live you. Everyone can change when they get another friend whom they like more than you.

9. Intentionally Reason – There can be some intentionally reason that force the people to change.

10. People change when they get hurt – When a person gets too much hurt in their life.

How to cope with change in friendship?

If your friend is moving and now they don’t have to need you. It’s ok to feel sad, heart angry about the situation. You can do something to cope with change in the friendship.

Why people change
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1. Give some Time – Try to give your friendship some time to settle down all things. This time can help your friends to overcome the problem and building a strong relationship.

2. Create Positivity – All should create positivity in their relationship. You should not try to accuse your friend and don’t blame them for the situation. All should focus on their strength what they can do to improve the friendship. This positivity may help you to build a good relationship with your friends and others.

3. Set Expectations – You should always explain your specific needs to your friend and ask about their needs in return.

4. Give some space – If you are thinking your friendship is bringing you down then you may need to take a break and spend the time outside the relationship. You should try new things in your life that interest you to take your mind off things.

5. Talk it out – Talk with your friends and explain how you are feeling about the friendship, how much special they are, how much you care for your friend.

6. Make new friends – Don’t stop your life only for one person just move on and make new friends and try to build a good relationship with them.

7. Move On – If you are tried a lot to reconnect with your friends but your friend is not ready to reconnect with you then it’s time to move on from friendship and concentrate on other things and relationships in your life. It may be difficult but you have to do.

They changed and they will absolutely change but you can’t do anything. You can do only one thing – Move Ahead.

8. Don’t read old chats – This one thing can destroy your whole day and it can never let you move forward. If you want to move on then never read old chats if there is possible delete all the chats.

9. Share your thoughts with others – You should share your feelings with others like teachers and parents. They will always support you. 

10. Try to be Happy – Always do that thing that gives you happiness. Try to get out of all these things and start living out a happy life with your other friends and family. 

11. Delete all pictures – If possible delete all the pictures. It will help you to cope up with change. If you can’t delete their pictures, so then please don’t watch them over and over again. It will change nothing for you but it can put you in deep sadness and destroy your whole day.

12. Don’t think too much about them – It is a good way to stay out from your loneliness don’t think too much about them and spend more time with your family.

13. Delete your feelings – If you think about one thing again and again then it doesn’t not only destroy your whole day as well as it harms you internally.

14. Spend good quality time with others – Don’t think too much about them who don’t care about you. Always stay happy and spend a good quality time with true friends and family.

15. Keep Yourself Busy – It is the best way to distract your mind to keep yourself busy. Don’t give time yourself to think about this. Just forgot about everything and spread the happiness around you.

16. Forgive and Forgot – Let’s go of all thoughts, feelings, and emotions that can harm you and your family.

17. Delete from Social Media – If you have contact on social media like WhatsApp, facebook, twitter then delete all the contacts.

Sometimes the situation makes people change.A change is necessary in life.

All the things that I explained in this article about the “How to cope with change in a friendship” is good to listen but hard to apply. But if you want to happy in your life then you have to try hard to move on. Well everybody knows people change memories don’t.

I hope you liked all the information provided by me in this post “Why do people cheat and how to cope with change in a friendship”.

Let me know what you think about this article by commenting down. If there is any mistake or feedback related to this article then comment below.

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