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Types Of Exercise- Meaning and Benefit Of Exercise

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In this post, I will explain various types of exercise and the benefits of exercise.
Everybody wants to stay fit and healthy, all know through the exercise we can stay fit but the question is what types of exercise are best to stay fit.

Today I will explain to you some best exercise and benefit from that exercise.

Types of exercise

What is exercise?
Exercise is a body activity that helps you to maintain your health and physical fitness.
It helps to your growth, improve strength, develop your muscles, weight loss and also for enjoyment.
Exercise has become an important part of human life.
Everybody has need exercise to stay healthy and to fit your body.

List Of Different Types Of Exercise

Types of exercise
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Exercise is very important in our life. You can do exercise at your home, park, gym anywhere you can. Every exercise has its own importance. Sometimes medicines are not able to remove your diseases but with the help of exercise, you can easily recover from your diseases. It also helps to improve our mood. By doing regular exercise you can increase your confidence and improve your self -esteem.

  • Aerobic Exercise
  • Flexible Exercise
  • Balance Exercise
  • Strength Exercise
  • Sports Exercise

Explanation Of Types Of Exercise

1. Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic Exercise increases your breathing and heart rate. It helps to improve your overall fitness and helps to keep your circulatory system, heart, lungs healthy and lower your blood pressure and improve your mood. Aerobic exercise includes various types of exercise.

  • Walking exercise
  • Jogging exercise
  • Swimming exercise
  • Biking exercise

2. Strength Exercise

Strength exercise is the best exercise to make your muscles stronger. It is the best exercise to increase your strength and bone growth. If your muscles and bones will be stronger you can easily lift the heavyweight. There are various examples of Strength Exercise

  • Resistance bands exercise
  • Lifting weight exercise
  • Through weight machine at a gym

3. Flexible Exercise

Flexible exercise is best to make your body more flexible. It helps to improve the range of motions in your joint. The main goal is to do flexible exercise to reduce the chances of injury. You can make your body more flexible with the help of exercise.

Yoga is the best to improve the range of motions in your body. So always do yoga exercise to make flexible your body. Flexible exercise includes many types of exercise.

  • Yoga
  • Shoulder and upper arm stretch

4. Balance Exercise

Balance exercise is necessary to improve your ability to control your body and stabilize your body position. This balance exercise is very important for all young and old age people because the balance of your body gets worse with age. To maintain the balance of your body you have to do exercise. Balance Exercise includes many types of exercise.

  • Yoga 
  • Tai chi

5. Sports Exercise

Sports exercise is very helpful to relieve from mental stress. All the young generation is more engaging in sports. All people like sports exercise in comparison to other exercises. The trend of sports exercise is increasing day by day. Sports exercise also includes many types of exercise

  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Table Tennis
  • Badminton

Benefits of Exercise

Types of exercise
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1. Energy Level – Regular exercise is very helpful to increase your energy level. If your energy level is increased it will be easy for you to do all the work. Without energy, you can’t do any work. So It is necessary for you to do exercise with a proper diet to increase your energy level.

2. Weight Loss – Regular exercise is very helpful to reduce your weight. You can lose your weight after doing a walking exercise in the morning and evening with some proper diet.

3. Reduce Diseases – Regular exercise helps to reduce the chances of diseases. Exercise is very important to reduce your risk of heart diseases and to reduce the other problems of your body. It also helps to control your sugar level and you also get rid of diseases in your old age.

4. Strength your bones and muscles – Exercise can help to build strong bones. Everybody wants to increase their bones and muscles strength. Only regular exercise can help to make your bones and muscles more strong.

5. It sharps your thinking and learning skill – Exercise helps to stimulate your body to release proteins that help to improve the function of your brain and sharpen your thinking and learning skills.

6. Remove Laziness – Exercise helps you to feel fresh in your day time. With the help of exercise, you can remove laziness from your life.

How To Get Started

Check your health – Before starting exercising get a physical medical examination and consult it from your doctor. This checkup will help you to detect your health problem that can help you to save from injury during exercise and you can make your exercise plan according to your particular need.

Set Goals – Make a plan for your exercise and set goals. It will not only help you to increase the chances of success but it also helps to keep you motivated every step of the way.

Make It Habit – Only one-day exercise doesn’t give benefit to you. Routine exercise is necessary. If you make a habit and do exercise regularly you can maintain this habit in the long term.

Set your exercise time – It is good for your health if you do exercise regularly at the same time. Make a habit to get up early and do exercise at the same time.

The minimum time for exercise is half an hour a day. But it is important to give rest to your body from time to time.

I hope you will like all the information that is provided by me about exercise. If you like all the information let me know by commenting down.

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Conclusion – Exercise is the most important part of human life. Everybody should make a habit of doing regular exercise because it helps to stay fit and healthy.


Is exercise necessary for our health?

Yes, It is necessary for our health.

Why exercise is important?

To stay fit and healthy.

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