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This website is only for you girls. This website is all about fashion, beauty tips, unique dress designs and mehndi designs and the other fashionable items. Every person needs to know all about this. You will get more exclusive and unique designs through this website. This website will not only help you to know about the designs but you will know how to apply those designs. I promise you will not waste your time here. Join me to get more information.

About Me :

Hii, I am pooja. I am a blogger of   fashion, beauty tips, mehandi designs,   dress designs and other  fashionable items. I have good   knowledge about this field. The main   purpose is to create this page to share   my experiences with you. You will get   more information through my website.

Collections :

Mehandi Designs :

Mehandi is an art in which decorative  designs are created on the person’s body using a mehndi paste that is made up of dry leaves of henna plant.  It is a creativity that person can make  himself. This mehandi design show on the page is my own creativity. I will help you to make this type of unique design.

Beauty :

Beauty help you to express yourself. Makeup is not a mask that covers up your beauty, it’s a weapon that helps you express who you are from the inside

Fashion :

In today life every person want to follow fashion. Therefore my aim is to support people in expressing their personality freely through fashion. Be a part of our fashion blog.

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