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Why do people cheat in a relationship – Reasons To Cheat

Are you troubling with this problem why people cheat? Why one day they are sweet, the next day they cheat you. Earlier you were important for them but now you are not. Earlier they liked you, care about you but the next day they don’t care about you. Don’t worry after reading this post you will get a complete answer of your problem.

Why do people cheat in a relationship

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Welcome to our website. If you are looking for the answer to the same type of question Why do people cheat in a relationship and how to cope with this problem then this post will be helpful for you.

This is the biggest question in the mind of all people when someone cheated by their partner “Why people cheat”?. Because they always try to ask from their partner but they don’t get a proper answer of their question. 

Dhoka Meaning In Hindi ( Pyar Mein Dhoka)

धोका क्या है?
किसी की द्वारा अपने विश्वास का तोडा जाना ही धोका होता है। धोके को हम दो तरीके से देख सकते है, एक तो धोका देना और एक धोका पाना।जयादातर हमे धोके का अहसास तभी होता है जब हमे धोका मिलता है, और दुसरो को जब हम धोका देते है तो हम उसको अहसास नहीं कर पाते।
किसी को प्यार आप तभी पा सकते हो जब आप भरोसे के काबिल हो। प्यार का दूसरा नाम भरोसा भी है। जहाँ भरोसा नहीं हो सकता वहाँ प्यार भी नहीं हो सकता। इसीलिए अगर आप किसी से प्यार करते है तो उसपे भरोसा कीजिये और उन्हें कभी धोका मत दीजिये।
इस भरोसे की वजह स ही अक्सर प्यार मई धोका हो जाता है।

Reasons To Cheat

Here you will know why do people cheat in a relationship?. The reason of people cheat (dhoka) are varied from time to time. But if you’re currently struggling with this problem and to understand why this has happened to you, you may find it useful to think about reading some of the following.

Why do people cheat in arelationship
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1. Feeling unloved –

If your partner is feeling unloved then you both can’t live each other for a long time then he/she will leave you. If you are living in a forceful relationship for your partner happiness for some time, after that you leave your partner that’s too the cheating.

2. Situation – 

Sometimes the situation makes people change. Circumstances play an important role to change in people. Life teaches us many lessons and you learn a lot then you decided to not repeat the same past mistake that you have done.

3. When your partner falling in love with someone new – 

For another lover, that person can cheat you. Everyone can change when they get another whom they started to love more than you. If your partner love has changed for you then think your love is not true love, only the love between you is timepass.

4. Lack of emotional satisfaction –

Emotionally satisfaction is most important in every relationship. Emotionally satisfaction means when both are able to understand their partner mood. When both are able to understand their partner feelings in a relationship.

If you are not able to emotionally attached with your partner that means, it’s not love.
A lack of emotional satisfaction can be the reason to cheat their partner in a relationship.

5. Bored 

This could be the reason when people cheat in a relationship. If your partner is feeling bored with girlfriend, boyfriend and bored whatever they are doing in their life then they want to change in you. It’s not true love your partner is cheating with you.

Some people treat their relationship as a video game. They play games and when they get bored they cheat.

6. They are Frustrated –

When they are frustrated with all the things that are happening in their relationship. Then they want to change in their life then they can cheat their partner.

A person can’t change the entire world according to him/her but he can change themselves and move on in their life and relationship.

7. Interest has changed –

When the interest of a person changed they get automatically changed and cheat their partner. It’s a human nature interset of the person changed from time to time.
If your interest has changed for their love then your love was never true love.

8. Intentionally Reason – 

There can be some intentional reasons that force people to cheat their partner. If your partner shows that he/she loves you but in reality, they don’t love you that time they come in relationship with you to fulfill only their intentional reason, after fulfilling their intentional reason they leave you and cheat you. 

9. Financially Reason –

If one time your financial position is good but another time your financial position is not good then person can leave you, cheat you, for any rich person.

For example:- Suppose you both have not a good financial position. You both are happy with each other, you loved all small and big gifts that are gifted by your partner, but after some-time, one gets a higher financially position, that time he or she doesn’t like that type of same gifts gifted by you. Then that person can leave you because of your financial position.

10. If your partner is in a relationship with any person:- 

In today time most of the people come in relationship with many people in one time.
If your partner is also in a relationship with many people that can be the reason to cheat you. It means your partner is just doing time pass with you. He/she is not serious with you.

What to do if your partner is cheating

Why do people cheat in a relationship
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1. Not to blame yourself – 

If your partner is cheating with you, try to remember this is not your fault. This was their choice you should not blame yourself.

2. Let those tears fall freely – 

We think crying is a sign of weakness and try to avoid it at all costs, believe it or not crying is cathartic. We not only cry it helps to release tension which allows us to come out of the situation.

3. Try to remove yourself from the situation – 

It is not healthy for you to sit around in this situation and think again and again only about your problem. You should take a step back and prevent themselves from everything in a healthy way.

4. Do Exercise – 

Exercise and meditation will help you to calm down and support you in moving through strong emotions. Exercise is the best way for all to calm the mind.

5. Find good company – 

Spent your time with your friends and family. It will help you to overcome the situation.

6. Move On – 

If you are tried a lot to reconnect with your partner but your partner is not ready to reconnect with you then it’s time to move on from your relationship and concentrate on other things in your life. It can be difficult but you have to do.

They changed and they will absolutely change but you can’t do anything. You can do only one thing – Move Ahead.

7. Try to be Happy –

Always do that thing that gives you happiness. Try to get out of all these things and start living out a happy life with your other friends and family. 

8. Don’t think too much about them – 

It is a good way to stay out from your loneliness don’t think too much about them and spend more time with your family.

9. Keep Yourself Busy –

It is the best way to distract your mind to keep yourself busy. Don’t give time yourself to think about this. Just forgot about everything and spread the happiness around you.

10. Forgive and Forgot –

Let’s go of all thoughts, feelings, and emotions that can harm you and your family.

Why do people cheat in a relationship
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