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Top 20 Major Difference between Exercise and Yoga

Want to know the difference between exercise and yoga? Everyone knows that exercise and yoga is best for our body. But what is best for us? What is the actual difference between the two? Is yoga an exercise?

Difference Between Exercise And Yoga
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Thanks for clicking in. You are most welcome to our website. Today I am going to explain all about exercise and yoga. I hope you will get a complete answer of your question.

Yoga is not an exercise and it is different from exercise. Here I will explain how yoga is different from exercise. First of all we” ll discuss meaning of exercise and yoga.

What is exercise?

Exercise is a body activity that helps you to maintain your health and physical fitness. It helps to your growth, improve strength, develop your muscles, weight loss and also for enjoyment.

Exercise has become an important part of human life. Everybody needs exercise to stay healthy and to fit your body.

Difference between exercise and yoga
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Exercise is very important in our life. You can do exercise at your home, park, gym anywhere you can. Every exercise has its own importance.

Sometimes medicines are not able to remove your diseases but with the help of exercise, you can easily recover from your diseases. It also helps to improve our mood. By doing regular exercise you can increase your confidence and improve your self -esteem.

Types Of Exercise

  • Aerobic Exercise
  • Flexible Exercise
  • Balance Exercise
  • Strength Exercise
  • Sports Exercise

What is Yoga?

It is physical, mental, and spiritual activities or disciplines that are originated in ancient India. In the modern world, the South Asian art of yoga has expanded in the whole world. It is a popular form of exercise and yoga.

Yoga helps people to achieve the mental and physical balance of the body. Fitness is not the primary goal of yoga. Its main focus is to increase spiritual energy using breathing methods and mental focus.

Difference Between Exercise And Yoga
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Male yoga practitioners are called yogis, and the female yoga practitioners are known as yoginis.

Yoga is very important for our body. If you also want to stay fit and healthy and to increase the mental focus then make a habit of doing yoga in the morning because morning time is best to do yoga. Here, you will know the different types of yoga. 

14 Types Of Yoga

• Bikram Yoga
• Kundalini Yoga
• Anusara Yoga
• Yin Yoga
• Jivamukti Yoga
• Ashtanga Yoga
• Hathaway Yoga
• Lyengar Yoga 
• Kripalu Yoga
• Power Yoga
• Viniyoga
• Sivananda
• Prenatal Yoga
• Restorative Yoga

Difference between Yoga and Exercise

Before doing any exercise and yoga you must know the difference between the two. It is necessary for you to know all about this. Exercise and yoga both involve our body movements, so why it is common for people to consider yoga is a form of exercise and vice versa. However, there are various important differences between the two.

Difference Between Exercise And Yoga
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1. Goal – 

There are always two main reasons is better physical health and weight loss. But there are also other reasons like improving blood circulation, developing athletic skills and others.

The main goal of the person who do exercise daily is to improve physical health and appearance. But yoga also helps to improve physical health and appearance but the main goal of yoga is to reach a higher state of consciousness. So according to your goals choose one of them.

2. Requirements of Equipment

There is always a need of equipment for doing exercise. It is also limiting where one person can perform the exercise by using equipments.

But yoga is self-sufficient. Yoga can be performed without any equipment. You need only some adequate space for doing yoga.

3. Oxygen Consumption 

Exercising involves cardio to result in increased consumption.

But in yoga, proper breathing techniques are necessary for yoga that leads to reduce oxygen consumption. You must focus at the time of yoga to take proper breathing.

4. Include Body Movements 

Exercise always include rapid and forcefully movements. But in Yoga generally not involve forcefully body movements.

5. Risk Of Injury 

Exercise involves higher risk of injury because more physical activities are included in the exercise that impacts more on muscles.

Yoga involves a low risk of injury because it involves less physical activities.

6. Muscles Toning

Exercise helps to tone the muscles but the yoga is not concerned in toning the muscles. So if you want to give toning to your muscles then you should go exercise.

7. Feeling

When you do exercise after some-time you feel tired. So we can say exercising produces a feeling of tiredness.

Yoga helps you to produce a feeling of relaxation.

8. Health and Age Restriction

For doing an exercise you have to consider your health and age. If you are suffering from any problem then it will be very difficult for you to do exercise. It is not easy for old age people to do more strenuous activities.

Yoga can be performed by all people whether the person is sick or not. There is no age limit for performing yoga.

9. Nervous System

Exercise involves the sympathetic nervous system that is responsible for speeding the heart, contracting blood vessels and reduced digestive secretions.

Yoga involves the parasympathetic nervous system that is responsible for slowing the heart, dilating blood vessels and constricting the pupils.

10. Caloric Consumption in People

Exercise results in high caloric consumption. Those people face less caloric consumption problem, they should do the exercise and reduce this problem.

Yoga results in less caloric consumption in comparison of yoga. Yogis consume less food than people who exercise.

11. Energy level

Exercise is a catabolic that is capable of breaking down the energy because you feel tired after doing exercise.

But yoga is an anabolic that helps to conserve energy. It is the major difference between yoga and exercise.

12. Awareness

Exercise includes external awareness which main focus is on reaching the finish line and reaching the toes. Exercise doesn’t have any possibilities of self-awareness.

Yoga includes internal awareness which main focus is on the breath. Yoga has limitless possibilities for growth in self-awareness.

13. Goal and Process Oriented

Exercise is always goal-oriented that is commonly competitive.
But yoga is process-oriented and non-competitive.

14. Behavior

Exercise is not helpful to achieve integrity and behavioral changes.
Yoga helps to change the man’s behavior for the good. If you want to change your behavior then you can do it through the practice of yoga.

15. Attributes

For doing an exercise you need only physical attributes.
If you do yoga all attributes are automatically developed like tolerance power, self-control, and self-confidence.

16. Benefits

Through exercise, you get the only physical benefits.
But through the process of yoga, you will get all benefits of bodies including the spiritual.

17. Organs benefits 

Exercise provided benefits to only external muscles. 
Yoga provides all benefits internal organs as well.

18. Digestion

In exercise, digestion becomes weak when the supply of the blood increase to the other parts of the body.
Yoga helps to improve the digestion problems.

19. Blood Purification

Exercise doesn’t help in the purification of the blood.
Yoga removes all impurities from the blood and purifies all the blood in our body.

20. More Flexible

Exercise becomes body stiff and inflexible and the unregulated breathing is observed.
Yoga becomes our body more flexible and harmonized breathing is observed. 

How to Get Started For Doing Exercise And Yoga

1. Check your health

Before starting exercising get a physical medical examination and consult it from your doctor. This checkup will help you to detect your health problem that can help you to save from injury during exercise and you can make your exercise plan according to your particular need.

2Maintain Right Posture

Always maintain the right posture while doing exercise and yoga. The wrong posture of your body can harm you, it may lead to pain in your neck, back, and shoulder. So always remember to maintain a good posture of your body.

3. Breath Right –

You should take breathe through from mouth as well as nose when you are doing running exercise and take from the nose while doing yoga. It helps to get oxygen for your muscles and helps to strengthen your lungs.

4. Set Goals – 

Make a plan for your exercise or yoga and set goals. It will not only help you to increase the chances of success but it also helps to keep you motivated every step of the way.

5. Make It Habit –

Only one-day exercise or yoga doesn’t give benefit to you. Routine exercise or yoga is necessary. If you make a habit and do exercise and yoga regularly then you can maintain this habit in the long term.

6. Set time –

It is good for your health if you do exercise or yoga regularly at the same time. Make a habit to get up early and do exercise or yoga at the same time.

The minimum time for doing all this is half an hour a day. But it is important to give rest to your body from time to time.

It is very necessary for all to know the major difference between the two. You should know the difference after that decide what is good for your body. In today’s life all are busy they don’t have time to take care of themselves.

But you must give some time to do exercise and yoga that will help you to stay fit and healthy and get rid of diseases.

Here, I shared the major difference between the two. You should make the habit of exercise and yoga according to your health, which will prevent you from all diseases.

I hope you will like all the information that is provided by me in this post.
Let me know what you think about this article and do you like the information shared by me by commenting down. If there is any mistake or feedback related to this article then comment below.

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Conclusion – Exercise and yoga both play an important in human life. Everybody should make a habit of doing regular exercise and yoga because it helps you to stay from all diseases and helps to do actively work and remove your laziness.


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