Top 85 Cute and Short Names To Call Your Boyfriend (With Meanings) In 2022

Are you looking cute names to call your boyfriend? Do you want to know about the cute and funny names to call your boyfriend? Today I will discuss everything about names and what type of names you should use to call your boyfriend. If you want to know all about these then you are on the right place.

Names To Call Your Boyfriend

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Thanks for clicking in. You are most welcome to our website. If you are looking for the answer to the same time of question what is names and cute names to call your boyfriend? then this post will be helpful for you. 
Here you will get a complete answer of your question. Firstly we’’ ll discuss the what is the name?

Today I am going to tell you some stylish and trending names for boys.

What is name?         

Name is all about that defines you, that is used by other people to call you. Your name makes you different from all other people, that is used to identify you. The Name should be according to your personality but you can use some funny names to make someone smile.

Name is one thing that is yours but used by others. A good name must have a beautiful meaning which will define you and your quality. So let’s see what are the names for boyfriend and what are their meanings:

Trending Names To Call Your Boyfriend

• Angel – A cute name for a boyfriend who has a good heart.

• Ace – This is one of the sweet nicknames for a boyfriend who is a genius.

• Babe – This is the best classic nickname for boyfriend.

• Bablu – This name is for a cute and stylish boyfriend.

• Bachha – When you love a lot to him then you can call him with this loving name.

• Babu/Baby – A nickname for the love of your life. 

• Bea – This one is best who is your lover.

• Bear – If you want to tease him then use this name to call him.

• Bondhu – You can call him by this name when he acts very cutely in front of you.

• Bunny – It is a very classic, sweet and charming name.

• Babbly – This one is also a very cute and lovely name to call your boyfriend.

• Bander – When you are in the mood to tease then call him with this name.

• Charming – The name with a lot of love and affection. This is the best for the guy who knows all the right things.

• Candy – You can give this cute nickname to that guy who is as sweet as candy.

• Cutie Pie – This one is self- explanatory, for the one who is so cute and sweet. This is a perfect pet name for cute guys. Girls love to call this name.

• Cool Cat – This name is itself defining its coolness, this one is for sweetness.

• Cherry – This is a very sweet and cute name for an innocent and loving boy.

• Chiku – It is a very cute and sweet name beyond imagination.

• Champ – Who is the winner of your heart, this one is perfect.

• Charming – “Prince Charming” name is very helpful to make your handsome price smile in every situation.

• Chunky – If he is chubby then this one is perfect for him.

• Cupcake – This one is sweet as much as the sweetness of the cake.

• Chubby bunny – It is the best name for the most adorable boyfriend in the world.

• Chocoboy – It is a very lovely name to call your boyfriend.

• Chocopie – It is a very sweet, charming and very classic name.

• Dream Boy – If he is your dream boy, then this one is perfect.

• Darling – A guy whom you love so deeply and you really appreciate it. 

• Dobby – A boyfriend who is always ready to help you. 

• Dreamy – This one is perfect for who has a pleasant and unreal quality.

• Dabbu – It is a very cute and sweet nickname as its name.

• Duggu – This one is perfect for all guys with love, care, and affection.

• Duck – A cute but a sweet and strong name.

• Dimples – The best name for a guy who has dimples on the face.

• Eye Candy – This one is best for a guy who is attractive and entertaining.

• Ghost – This one is a very funny name to tease your boyfriend.

• Giraffe – Some use the animal names to call her boyfriend, this is one from them.

• Golgappa – If your guy is fat then you can use this name. 

• Gunu – This is very helpful to show your love and affection.

• Gannu – It is a very loving name when you tease him.

• Guddu – A nickname for a good-natured friend.

• Gulu – This name is very cute for all cute boys.

• Golu – This name is very classic to call your boyfriend.

• Hunky – Best nickname for a hot boyfriend.

• Honey – This sweet name for who brings sweetness in your life. You can say hun in short form.

• Hugster – It is for who is Mr. Huggies.

• Icy – This one is perfect for cool boys.

• Jocky – Best nicknames for boyfriend that are handsome and athletic.

• Jelly – If your boyfriend feels jealous this one is the perfect pet name to call your sweet jealous boyfriend.

• Jaan – It defines what he means to you. 

• Kittu – It is a very sweet and cute name for boyfriend.

• Kannu – This is also a lovely name to call your boyfriend.

• Kiddo – This is for an adorable person.

• Lucky – If he is so lucky for you.

• Lamb – If your boyfriend is sweet as a lamb, then this one is perfect.

• My Love – If he is your true love then you can call him by this name.

• Mithu – This name shows sweetness. If he is so sweet then call him by this name.

• Mr. Right – If you have a guy who is right for you then you can call him by this name.

• Mr. Handsome – If your boyfriend is so dashing and smart then call him by this name.

• Monkey – When you want to tease then you can use funny names to call your boyfriend.

• Motu – Everybody loves this name to call someone special whether they are fat or not.

• Nonu – This is one of the simple name but some boys like this type of name.

• Ninja – A cool nickname for your superhero boyfriend.

• Nobita – Everybody likes this name. It helps to make him smile in every situation.

• Pumpkin – This is a lovely name for who is bright and sweet as a pumpkin.

• Paglu – This name makes your boyfriend smile in every situation.

• Prince Charming – It is a very cute and lovely name.

• Panda – A cute nickname for a cubby and friendly boyfriend.

• Pikachu – This one is a very unique nicknames for boyfriend.

• Romeo – Whom you loved the most, this one is a cute and awesome name.

• Rock Star – If your friend loves music then you can call him by this name.

Rocky – For a boyfriend who is very charming and sweet.

• Rabbit – You can tease your boyfriend through this name.

• Rasgulla – This type of funny names for boyfriend helps you to make him smile.

• Sweetie-Pie – This is perfect for all who is cute and sweet as a pie.

• Shona – It means you are calling him smart and handsome.

• Shining Star – If his looks are so attractive and this one is perfect.

• Sweetheart – This is one for the sweetest heart boyfriend.

• Simba – It is also a very cute name.

• Sweetu – It is for, who is so sweet and talks very sweetly.

• Shizuka – This name is famous in the cartoon. You can use this cute and sweet name to call your boyfriend.

• Tiger – Some use the animal names to call her boyfriend, this is one from them. If he is wild and fierce.

• Teddy/ Teddy Bear – Who looks cute and fluffy, this one is a perfect name.

• Teeny – A cute name for a short boyfriend.

• Tiny – This is such a cute and sweet name.

You will see there are lots of funny nicknames for boyfriend on the internet but I provided only the top 85 Cute and Short Names To Call Your Boyfriend.

These are all the best names for the boyfriend. All this information about the cute names for boyfriend will help you to select the best name for your boyfriend. These all are the best names that will help you to choose one.

I hope you will like all the information that is provided by me in this post  “ Top 85 Cute and Short Names To Call Your Boyfriend with Meaning In 2022”.

Let me know what you think about this article whether you’re a boy or girl and do you like the information shared by me, what type of cute names are you going to use to call your boyfriend by commenting down. If there is any mistake or any kind of feedback related to this article then comment below.

Thank you very much for giving your quality time for reading this article. You can easily take ideas from here and make your life more happy than before.

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