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20 Best Party Games Ideas For Teenagers And Adults in 2022

Are you looking for some best party games ideas for making your party or function more enjoyable? Do you want to know about the party games ideas? Today I will discuss everything about games and what type of games you should organize to make more enjoyable your day. If you want to know all about these then you are on the right place.

Party Games Ideas

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Thanks for clicking in. You are most welcome to our website. I hope this post will help you to know the best party games ideas. You will get a complete answer of your question. Firstly we’’ ll discuss the meaning of the game?

What is game?

A game is an activity or sports usually involving knowledge, skill or chance that you usually play to entertainment in which all people follow specific rules of the games and try to win against an opponent or to solve a puzzle.

Party Games Ideas
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It is the activity that you do with your friends and relatives. Games are very helpful to entertain you. In today’s time in all parties and function games is organized to make the function more enjoyable.

Online and offline both types of games played by people. Children, as well as the youth and parents, are fond of playing games. 

Best Party Games Ideas

1. Musical Chair

This game is the best for all adults and teenagers. It is the best game for big groups.

Party Games Ideas
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• First of all, in this game chair is arranged one straight line and the face of the one chair will be opposite from the second chair. 
• After that play, the music and all will start to take round the chair when music will stop all have to take a seat and one person who didn’t get the seat he/she will be out from the game.
• There is no limit of the people to participate in this game. If you are playing 6 members then the chair should be 5.

Material Required

Music player

2. Paper Dance

Paper dance game is best for all couples in all party and functions. 

Party Games Ideas
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• In this game, a paper will be given, and you have to dance with your couple on that paper until the music is not stopped.
• After some-time suddenly music will stop, and you have to stop and it will be check from time to time whose foot is out of the paper. Those people’s foot will be outside the paper they will be out from the game.
• The size of the paper will decrease at the next level. In the last one couple will be left they will be the winner of that game.

Material Required

Music Player

3. Balloon Dance

It is the perfect game for adults for all functions and parties. It helps the couples to gets more closer.

Party Games Ideas
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• In this game, a balloon is taken and put in the center of the two people.
• Then the music will play and all the couples do a dance with the ballon. If the ballon is out of the middle of the couple then they will out of the game.
• There is no maximum limit of people to play this game.

Material Required

Music Player

4. Freeze Dance  

Freeze dance game is best party games for teenagers and all children. It is the best indoor party games and outdoor party games for kids.

Party Games Ideas
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• Children will dance when the music is on, but when the music is turned off they must immediately freeze. 
• Anyone caught still dancing is out. When the music will stop, anyone who doesn’t freeze is eliminated. 
• The winner will be that person in this game who lasts on the dance floor the longest.

Material Required

Music Player

5. Two Truth and a lie

This game helps to find who understand their partner better.

Party Games Ideas
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• Ask all the people to play this game and arrange themselves in a circle.
• Instruct all players to think three statements about themselves one must be false.
• Now all players have to write two truth and a lie about themselves on the paper and the other players will guess which one is the lie.
• Those are able to find more lie will be the winner of the game.

Material Required

Pen and Paper

6. Guess the pictures

It is the best birthday party games for adults.

• Firstly all the players in the game are divided into a different team.
• One person starts to draw pictures. After that, the team tries to guess what it is.
• The first team that gives correctly answer wins one point for their team.
• In the end, those have more points they will be the winner of that game.

Material Required

Whiteboard and pen or paper
Pictures for the game

7. Competition for having cake

Party Games Ideas
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• Fix the time for having cake.
• In this game, all players have to eat a piece of cake without using their hands only through their mouth. You can take anything in replace of cake. 
• Those are able to eat more in less time, he/she will be the winner of that game.

Material Required

Music player to play music in the background.

8. Like and Dislike

This game helps to know your friends and family better. It is the best fun games to place inside.

• All players will write down one thing that they like and another they don’t like on index cards. 
• At mealtime when all will be gathered together, read the cards one at a time and have everyone try to figure out who wrote what.

 Material Required 

• Index Cards
• Pens

9. Killer and Detective

This is the best party games for teenagers and adults.

Party Games Ideas
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• Firstly you will have to make slips according to the member of the game. In one slip you have to write killer and in other one detective, and in all expect slips you can write anything like male and female.
• Mix all the slips after that choose slips.
• Now the killer will ‘kill’ people off by winking at them without the detective catching. If a player is killed, they should say I am died and then leave the circle.
• Now the detective will find who is the killer. If the detective finds the killer correctly they can save themselves from any punishment.

Material Required

Paper and Pen

10. Blindfolded Game

If you know your partner more than you then you can easily win this game.

Party Games Ideas
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• For this game, all the players are divided into couples. One of the partners of each couple is blindfolded. And all the blindfolded partners will try to find out their partner in all. If they are able to find they will be the winner of the game.

11. Tambola  

It is the game that you can play anywhere with a group of people. 

Party Games Ideas
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• For playing this game you have to purchase tombola from the market. 
• There will be the slips in the tombola, divide all the slips between all members after that choose one of the members who will only count the number.
• If a number called by the caller exists on a player ticket, then the player has to strike that number. If the player achieved a particular winning point, then he has to claim immediately.
• Now caller will verify by matching the struck numbers on the ticket with the called out numbers.
• The game ends when all the houses are fully verified.
• After verifying, the caller will declare the winning member name.

Material Required

• Tambola Game
• Pen 
• Copy

12. Saree Repping Competition

You can hold a saree repping competition at your party. 

Party Games Ideas
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• Arrange saree for all players and fix the time to wear saree.
• In this game who will wear the saree first, he/she will be the winner of that game. This game can be more interesting if male participates in this game.

Material Required


13. Makeup Competition for girls – 

Makeup competition game is best for all teenage and adult. It is a perfect party games for ladies.

• Arrange all the makeup products for all competitors.
• Fix a time to wear the makeup.
• After that start the competition.
• In this competition who will wear full makeup in less time, they will be the winner of that game.

Material Required

Makeup products

14. Jewelry Match Competition –

It is the best party games ideas for all women. This game is in more trend. 

In this game, question are asked from the women related to their jewelry. Like who is wearing rings in all four fingers?

15. Charades

Party Games Ideas
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Firstly makes a team for playing this game.

In this game, two people go up instead of one. One person gives any movie name, TV show action to another player.

Now players try to get their teammates to guess a movie that they are acting out.

16. Ballon Duel Game

Party Games Ideas
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For playing this game all the players have to tape a balloon to one leg.

The person who bust the other person’s balloon is the winner of this balloon duel game.

Material Required


17. Celebrity

Each player writes the name of anything on the paper. Then they try to stick this paper on the forehead of another player. so that person can’t see what is in the slip but everyone can see.

The main goal of this game is to find out whose name is written on the slip and attached to your forehead.

You can do this by just asking the question and another player will give answer yes or no.

If the answer is yes, you win the game and can ask for another. If the answer is wrong, it’s the next player’s turn.

Material Required

Pen and Copy

18. Before and After Game

Party Games Ideas
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In this game, someone starts off with a phrase like ‘I am going to school’.

Now you will use the last word of this phrase to start a new one, after including the original and keeping it going as long as possible like ‘I am going to school house rock’.

19. Music

Play a song tune and try to get another to guess the song. But you should fix the time to guess the song.

Material Required

Music Player and Collection Of Song Tune

20. Who Am I

Party Games Ideas
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This game is very funny and interesting. It will help to know, what the person knows about themselves.

Pick a cute one name for each person playing that match the personality of that person.

Now stick that name each person back and forehead. Each person gets 10 “yes or no” questions to know who they are.

Material Required

Pen and Copy

These are all the best party games ideas. All this information about the party games ideas will help you to know more. You can follow these all ideas in your party and functions that are provided by me to make your party day more enjoyable. These all are the best party games ideas that will help you.

I hope you will like all the information that is provided by me in this post ” Party Games Ideas”. Let me know what you think about this article and do you like the information shared by me by commenting down. If there is any mistake or feedback related to this article then comment below.

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