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6 Best Body Lotions for winter in 2023 (All skin types)

Winter season has started and I know you need a good body lotion for your skin. Winter is that time of the year when your skin becomes very dry and irritated. Dry skin can be very itchy and uncomfortable especially for those with sensitive skin. No matter whether your skin is dry, oily or any skin type, body lotion is essential for this winter season every year. Now, we suggested you the best body lotions for winter that are suitable for All skin types.

The best way to keep your skin hydrated is by using body lotion. It contains ingredients such as glycerine, shea butter or mineral oil etc that keep your skin moisturised for a long time. It is not just about keeping the skin hydrated but also protects us from the harsh winter elements.

So, without any further delay let us discuss the 6 best Body Lotions for winter that are perfect for your skin type for winter without any harmful chemicals. 

6 best body lotions for winter for different skin types                  

1. Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion

Well ! Aveeno is one of the most trusted brands in today’s time. This moisturising lotion is a dermatologist recommended product. 

This is the first product that is gonna work with all skin types whether your skin is oily, combination or acne-prone whatever your skin type. Trust me this moisturising lotion is a great pick for this winter season. 

Firstly, the texture of this lotion is super lightweight and non-greasy gets absorbed in the skin very easily yet moisturises the skin really well. The reason why this is gonna work on so many skin types like sensitive or acne-prone is because It does not have any fragrance and has no colour. This  lotion comes up with the oatmeal formula which is great for soothing skin and also restores the PH balance in your skin. So, if you have damaged skin this is the kind of product that you will invest in for winters.

You can use it not only as a body lotion but also as a good face moisturiser. 

Skin Concerns:

. All skin types 

2. Nivea Nourishing Body Milk Lotion 

Nivea is one of the brands that manufactures a wide variety of moisturising lotions and cream that are different from each other. Among them this is the one product that I trust the most. This body lotion of Nivea is best for those who have the massive problem for dry skin in winters.

The nivea deep moisturising serum formula provides you 10 to 12 hours of long lasting moisturised skin in a single application which is great. This lotion contains ingredients Almond Oil and Vitamin E that deeply nourish and repair your skin. 

Skin Concerns:

. Dry skin

. Very dry skin 

3. Cetaphil  Moisturising Lotion

Cetaphil is such a brand that you all must have heard of its many products which are best for our skin and also recommended by dermatologists. That’s why I bring you this cetaphil moisturising lotion which is great for winters. 

This lotion of cetaphil comes with non-comedogenic properties and free from paraben and fragrance which is also a good thing for those with sensitive skin. The best thing about this lotion is that it doesn’t clog the pores and remains gentle on our skin. Its formulation is non greasy and gets absorbed very easily which is suitable for daily use. This lotion will keep your skin moisturised for a long time and make your skin soft and smooth. 

Skin Concerns:

. Sensitive skin 

. Combination skin 

. Dry skin 

4. CeraVe Moisturising Lotion 

CeraVe daily moisturising lotion is an extremely lightweight and oil free moisturiser on the skin. This lotion contains ingredients hyaluronic acid and ceramides that helps to hydrate the skin and also restores the natural protective barrier. It doesn’t contain paraben and has no fragrance. So, it is a good product for sensitive skin people as well. It works for both face and body lotion. 

Skin Concerns:

. Normal skin 

. Dry skin 

. Oily skin

. Sensitive skin 

5. Cipla Excela Moisturiser

Cipla Excela Moisturiser for oily & acne-prone skin is the effective moisturising lotion for winter. It contains ingredients Niacinamide and glycerin which is good for oily skin. It can help reduce sebum production in the skin and appearance of acne. This is non-comedogenic and paraben free lotion that can give you matte finish and makes it extra smooth skin.

Skin Concerns: 

. Oily skin 

. Acne -prone skin

6. mCaffeine Coffee Body lotion

All of you must have heard of mCaffeine brand. There are many famous products in the market. Out of which I would suggest you to use this mCaffeine coffee body lotion for winters with vitamin C & Shea butter. 

This lotion contains Vitamin C which will make your skin glowing and Shea butter is a great ingredient for winter which makes the skin super hydrated and reduces the signs of ageing. Caffeine is also beneficial for the skin which tones the skin looking younger and healthier with natural glow

Skin Concerns:

. Normal skin 

. Dry skin

. Oily skin  

These are the 6 best body lotions in winter for different skin types that moisturizes your skin and protect from harmful winter elements. 


When it comes to combating dryness and maintaining healthy skin during the winter months, choosing the right body lotion is crucial. In this article, we have explored six of the best body lotions specifically formulated for winter. These lotions provide deep moisture, soothe dryness, and improve skin texture. Remember to consider your specific skin needs and preferences when selecting a lotion. Apply it immediately after bathing and focus on dry-prone areas. Consistency is key for optimal results. By incorporating one of these top body lotions into your winter skincare routine, you can nourish and protect your skin, keeping it hydrated and radiant all season long.

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