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10 Best Internship Websites in 2023

Internships are a crucial stepping stone in the career path of students and young professionals. They provide valuable hands-on experience, an opportunity to explore various industries, and a chance to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. Internships also aid in building a robust professional network and often serve as a direct gateway to full-time employment. Moreover, they instill vital workplace skills like teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. In 2023, as the job market becomes increasingly competitive, the importance of internships is more pronounced than ever.

Fortunately, numerous online platforms have emerged to bridge the gap between organizations offering internships and individuals seeking them. This guide will provide a comprehensive look at the top 10 internship websites of 2023, aimed at helping you find the right opportunity to kickstart your career.

1. Internships.com

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Internships.com has established itself as one of the leading internship platforms in 2023, with a vast database of internship opportunities spanning multiple industries and locations. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for users to filter internships based on their area of study, preferred city, or company. The site also provides resources like a resume builder and various articles offering tips on successful applications and interview preparation.

Furthermore, Internships.com has a unique feature that allows users to take an “Internship Predictor” test, a valuable tool that recommends internships best suited to a user’s personality and career goals. For students and early career professionals seeking a comprehensive, user-friendly platform with a wide array of options, Internships.com continues to be an excellent choice.

2. LinkedIn

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In 2023, LinkedIn remains a powerful platform for internship seekers, extending beyond its role as a professional networking site. LinkedIn’s internship section offers a plethora of opportunities across industries worldwide. A standout feature of LinkedIn is its integrated networking capability. Internship seekers can not only apply for opportunities but also connect directly with recruiters and company representatives, offering a chance to make a memorable impression. Users can also gain insights into a company’s culture and values through their LinkedIn profiles, helping them identify workplaces that align with their aspirations.

LinkedIn’s robust algorithm also suggests personalized internship opportunities based on a user’s profile and activity. With these comprehensive features, LinkedIn remains a must-use platform for those seeking internships in a highly connected digital era.

3. Indeed

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Indeed, a globally renowned job search engine, also offers an extensive collection of internships across various industries, making it a standout choice in 2023. The platform’s streamlined interface allows users to filter search results by location, company, and duration of the internship, offering a tailored search experience. Indeed stands out for its transparency, providing users with company ratings and reviews from current and former employees. This feature gives users a sense of the company culture and work environment before applying. Indeed’s mobile app, available for both iOS and Android devices, makes it easy to search and apply for internships on the go. With its vast database and user-friendly platform, Indeed continues to be a valuable resource for individuals seeking internships.

4. Glassdoor

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Glassdoor, renowned for its transparent company reviews and salary information, is also a resourceful platform for finding internships in 2023. It lists a multitude of internships across various industries and locations, with an easy-to-use search function that lets users filter opportunities by job title, location, and company size. Glassdoor’s distinguishing feature is its extensive database of company reviews from current and past employees, including interns.

These reviews, coupled with salary information and interview experiences, offer potential interns a unique, in-depth insight into the company culture, work-life balance, management, and potential compensation. This level of transparency helps users to make informed decisions about where they want to intern, making Glassdoor a top choice for internship seekers who value a holistic understanding of their potential workplaces.

5. Chegg Internships

best internship websites

Chegg Internships, an offshoot of the popular education technology company Chegg, has evolved into a leading platform for internship search in 2023. Known for its student-friendly approach, it hosts a wide array of internships specifically tailored for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students across various fields. The platform’s robust search function allows users to filter opportunities by location, duration, and industry, enabling a tailored search experience.

Chegg Internships also provides an assortment of resources such as resume tips, interview advice, and articles related to career guidance. A unique feature is its integration with Chegg’s other services, like textbook rentals and online tutoring, making it a comprehensive hub for student needs. For students seeking a platform that understands and caters to their specific needs, Chegg Internships is a top choice.

6. Idealist

Idealist remains a top choice in 2023 for those seeking internships in the non-profit sector, social impact organizations, and volunteering opportunities. The online platform is home to a wide array of internships from organizations around the globe, working in diverse areas like education, environmental conservation, human rights, and more. The search function allows users to filter opportunities based on area of interest, location, and organization type, ensuring a tailored search experience.

Apart from internships, Idealist also lists volunteering opportunities and events that help users connect with like-minded people and organizations. It’s a standout platform for those seeking to build a career in social impact, offering a unique blend of professional experience and personal fulfillment. Idealist continues to be the go-to platform for anyone looking to make a difference through their career.

7. AngelList

For those eyeing the dynamic world of startups in 2023, AngelList remains the premier platform for internship opportunities. It provides unparalleled access to internships in startups of various sizes, across sectors like technology, healthcare, finance, and more. The platform’s user-friendly interface allows users to filter search results by job role, location, and industry. A unique feature of AngelList is the visibility it provides into the equity and financial health of the startups listed, offering a valuable perspective to potential interns.

Additionally, the platform allows users to create a comprehensive profile, showcasing their skills and experiences, which startups can view directly. This feature, along with the ability to apply to multiple startups with a single application, makes AngelList a highly efficient platform for ambitious individuals seeking a foot in the startup world.

8. USAJobs

USAJobs stands out as the leading internship platform in 2023 for those seeking internships within the U.S. federal government. The site provides access to a wide array of internship opportunities across numerous federal agencies and departments. These internships offer unique experiences in areas such as science, technology, international relations, environmental policy, and more. USAJobs’ robust search function allows users to filter opportunities by agency, location, and pay scale. It also provides a comprehensive application guide, detailing the federal hiring process to aid applicants.

Furthermore, internships within the federal government often provide a pathway to full-time federal employment, making USAJobs a highly beneficial platform for those interested in public service careers. If you’re looking to make an impact through public service, USAJobs should be your go-to platform for internship opportunities.

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9. YouTern

YouTern, in 2023, continues to be a preferred platform for internship seekers, particularly for those interested in high-impact, mentor-driven internships. The platform hosts a multitude of opportunities across various industries, from startups to well-established companies. What sets YouTern apart is its focus on internships that offer significant mentoring and career development opportunities, making it ideal for those who value learning and growth. The site’s blog, The Savvy Intern, also provides a wealth of resources on topics like interview preparation, networking, and personal branding.

Additionally, YouTern hosts #InternPro Chat, a weekly Twitter conversation about issues related to internships and the early career job market. With its commitment to providing high-quality internships and career advice, YouTern remains a valuable tool for those seeking internships in 2023.

10. InternMatch

InternMatch, now known as Handshake, has emerged as a vital platform for internship seekers in 2023. With a network of over 1,000 colleges and universities, Handshake aims to democratize opportunity and make internships accessible to all students. It offers a vast array of internships across various sectors, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Its personalized platform tailors internship opportunities based on the user’s profile, interests, and career goals.

Moreover, Handshake provides a unique feature where students can read peer reviews of employers and internships, ensuring they make informed decisions. The platform also hosts virtual career fairs and events to connect students directly with recruiters. For students and recent graduates seeking a platform that comprehensively caters to their career needs, InternMatch (Handshake) remains a top choice in 2023.


Finding the right internship websites in 2023 is a crucial step towards shaping your career, and the wealth of online platforms available makes this process more manageable. Websites for internship like Internships.com, Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Chegg offer a broad spectrum of opportunities across industries. For those interested in the non-profit sector, Idealist is a great choice. AngelList caters to those keen on the startup scene, while USAJobs is perfect for aspiring public servants. Platforms like Handshake (formerly InternMatch) and YouTern focus on the overall growth and mentorship of the intern. Each of these platforms, with their unique features and extensive offerings, plays a significant role in connecting interns with the right opportunities.

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